Response to God’s Vision about lighthouses

In September 2011, during the Golden Gate Prayer Watch in the All Nations Convocation Jerusalem (ANCJ), God reinforced to Pastor Callie Liew, the calling of Singapore as the Antioch of Asia and to be a blessing to the nations.

Pastor Callie received 3 visions during the Golden Gate Prayer Watch :


A lighthouse rising up from Singapore with beams of glory towards all nations. It is a lighthouse fueled by prayer. People are carrying resources, walking on the beams of glory towards other nations.


On 11 November 2011 at 11am, WHoP was birthed in Singapore, patterned after the Tabernacle of David. It seeks to bring together a community of passionate intercessors to enthrone the Lord and to pray for the fulfilment of Singapore’s destiny as Antioch of Asia and also for the nations of the world. It is affiliated to Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations (JHOPFAN) led by Pastor Tom Hess.

WHoP started with 9 hours of worship and prayer, and gradually grew to full 24/7 in September 2016. Watches are helmed mostly by volunteers from different denominations, races and nationalities, who pray in the 4 main languages of Singapore : English, Mandarin, Indian (Tamil), Malay Indonesian.

DNAs of Whop

  1. Watchmen for Nations as our foundation
  2. Watchmen for Government of the nations

Pastor Rick Riding from Succat Hallel, Jerusalem, said in his visit to Worldwide House of

Prayer (WHoP) in February 2018, that God has given us the mantle and anointing to prayfor the government of nations.

  1. Watchmen for the Harvests in Asia and the world

In October 2017 God spoke through Rick Ridding that He has promoted Whop from a

LightHouse to be a Watch Tower.  Whop not only watch over the gates of the nations,

she is to watch over the Harvests of Asia and the world.

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