WHoP (Africa), the Watchtower for Africa is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

While Callie was in South Africa, she saw revival fire going forth from Cape Town to the different nations in the continent of Africa. Andrew Murray prophesied that revival fire will start from South Africa and move to the continent of Africa. WHoP (Africa) was commissioned on 29 September 2019, and meet twice a week, and is progressing to be a 24/7 Watchtower with 3 staffs and 40 faithful Watchmen.

To date, 28 prayer houses have been established in the nations of Africa:
WHoP Benin, Whop Burkina Faso, WHoP Burundi, WHoP Cameroon, WHoP DR Congo, WHoP Eswatini, WHoP Ethiopia, WHoP Guinea Bissau, Whop Guinea Conakry, WHoP Chad, WHoP Ivory Coast, WHoP Kenya, WHop Liberia, WHoP Malawi, WHoP Mali, WHoP Mozambique, WHoP Niger, Whop Nigeria, WHoP Botswana, WHoP Central Africa, WHoP Togo, WHoP Malawi, WHoP Namibia, WHoP Senegal, WHoP Sudan, WHoP South Sudan, WHoP Tanzania, WHoP Rwanda, Whop Sierra Leone, WHoP Tanzania, WHoP Uganda, WHoP Zambia WHop Zimbabwe

Venue: 2 Dixton Road, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
(the 4th oldest Farmhouse in South Africa!)

Send us an enquiry to whopafrica@gmail.com or use the form below, to find out more about African Watchtower or prayer houses, visit or join us.

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We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the heavenly world and can bring its power down to earth. 

Andrew Murray


We invite you to join us as a Watchman, worship leader, musician, dancer or be part of the digital, creative and media team!