WGNA comprises of 6 Watchtowers located in nations strategically handpicked by God, and which have been prophesied over the years to be nations that will start the spark of revival fire n carry it to their continents. 

WGNA believes that this is the era for the fulfillment of these prophecies revealed regarding these nations. We partner God to pray for these nations to fulfill their destinies, to pave the way for the King of glory. Not only will they fulfill their destinies, they will also jointly create a canopy of glory and a hedge of protection for the nations of the world. 

Please join us to pray for these to come to pass.


WGNA invites you to be part of us by being a Watchman or Worship Leader in a Watchtower or Prayer House, or start a new Prayer House in your city. You can also support us financially by donating to the Watchtowers or Prayer Houses in WGNA.